23 June 2009

Human Events: A Sequel to Yesterday's Post

After we took two months to generate documentation that was expected in a few weeks, our client seems understandably unwilling to meet with us.

Did we take too long? Of course. Why? Because the work was so difficult for us. Drawing up a large set of statecharts or use-case diagrams is not difficult work, and it's useful in helping the programmer think through the scenarios he needs to handle. Writing up a list of possible screens, possible behaviors, and possible messages is tedious, difficult work to someone who is used to modeling in a graphic language.

What would have happened if we had refused to write such extensive, formal documentation? Could it have been worse than the current situation? Maybe the situation now is salvageable. Maybe then it wouldn't have been? I think we should have negotiated a different form of documentation from the first. Now we're going to have to crawl...

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